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Egencia COLA

The fees under your agreement will be raised as of January, 1st 2023 by a percentage equal to the percentage increase in the most recent Eurostat Labor Cost Index for European Union countries or other similar metrics published by the local country Bureau of Statistics.



Local Data Source

Argentina88 %Trading Economics
Australia*7.3 %Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
Belgium12.3 %Belgium in figures
Bolivia2.9 %Trading Economics
Brazil6.5 %Trading Economics
Bulgaria17.6 %Trading Economics
Canada6.9 %Statistics Canada
Chile12.8 %Trading Economics
Colombia12.2 %Trading Economics
Costa Rica9.0 %Trading Economics
Czech Republic15.1 %Czech Statistical Office
Denmark10.1 %Statistics Denmark
Dominica Republic8.2 %Trading Economics
Dubai6.8 %Trading Economics
Ecuador4.0 %Trading Economics
Egypt16.2 %Trading Economics
El Salvador7.5 %Trading Economics
Estonia22.5 %Trading Economics
Finland8.3 %Statistics Finland
France3.1 %Eurostat website
Germany10.4 %Federal Statistical Office of Germany
Greece9.1 %Trading Economics
Guatemala9.7 %Trading Economics
Honduras10.2 %Trading Economics
Hong Kong4.4 %Central Government Offices
Hungary21.1 %Trading Economics
India6.8 %Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI)
Indonesia5.7 %Trading Economics
Ireland9.2 %Central Statistic Office
Israel5.1 %Trading Economics
Italy11.9 %Italian National Institute of Statistics
Japan3.7 %Trading Economics
Latvia21.8 %Trading Economics
Lithuania23.6 %Trading Economics
Malaysia4.5 %Trading Economics
Mexico8.4 %Trading Economics
Netherlands14.3 %Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek
New Zealand*7.2 %Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa
Norway7.5 %Statistics Norway
Pakistan26.6 %Trading Economics
Panama1.9 %Trading Economics
Paraguay8.1 %Trading Economics
Peru8.3 %Trading Economics
Philippines7.7 %Trading Economics
Poland17.9 %Narodowy Bank Polski
Romania15.3 %Trading Economics
Russia12.6 %Trading Economics
Saudi Arabia3.0 %Trading Economics
Singapore7.5 %Singapore Department of Statistics
South Africa7.5 %Statistics South Africa
South Korea5.7 %Trading Economics
Spain7.3 %Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
Sri Lanka66.0 %Trading Economics
Sweden10.9 %Statistics Sweden
Switzerland3.0 %Federal Statistical Office
Taiwan2.7 %Trading Economics
Thailand6.0 %Trading Economics
Turkey85.51 %Trading Economics
United Kingdom11.1 %Office for National Statistics
United States7.7 %U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Ukraine26.6 %Trading Economics
Uruguay9.0 %Trading Economics
Venezuela156.0 %Trading Economics
Vietnam4.3 %Trading Economics

*Australia and New Zealand publish only quarterly data. We apply Q3’22