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Why you should expect more from your TMC

Posted: 02 October 2019

We know that everyone makes promises, and that’s great — as long as they deliver on them. And we’re pretty sure that you’ve heard a lot of promises from a lot of travel management companies (TMCs) about how they can make business travel better for you.

We know that these days meeting the needs of travellers, travel managers and procurement are always evolving, not unlike your business. Small businesses may need to scale up quickly and efficiently while making sure to keep an eye on their travel spend and bottom line. Large international organisations may be looking at acquiring or merging with other businesses or trying to determine how to create local policies within their global travel programmes. And everyone needs data to keep track of their travel costs, look for savings opportunities and deliver reports on their travel programme to the C-suite.

No matter what you’ve heard, there’s only one ultimate goal — better business travel. When you have conversations about the best way to manage your travel, we’d like to remind you that you should expect more. Expect more from your TMC. Expect more when it comes to realising savings. Expect more when it comes to delivering a first-class experience for your travel arrangers and travellers. We say this because you should expect more when it comes to better business travel.

Why should you expect more? Because you deserve it. Your business deserves it. Here are some things to consider when working with a TMC to get what you need.

Empower travellers with mobile technology

Mobile is the name of the game these days. Whether you’re booking travel, searching for in-policy options or trying to locate your travellers, none of this should be hard and that’s why we built our mobile app to make corporate travel easier. You should expect more from your TMC when it comes to arranging business travel and that starts with an easy-to-use mobile booking experience.

It’s no secret that every business traveller has their mobile device in hand wherever they go. Business travellers need to stay connected and get the support they deserve. Our app is localised for 17 different languages, our agents speak more than 30 languages and travellers can easily access help by tapping on AssistMe, a feature we built to connect travellers to what they need when they need it.

Mobile can make or break travel programmes and advances in 5G will impact business travel, but you can successfully integrate a mobile strategy to empower your travellers. How do we know this? Because we focus on the millions of customers that use our technology to build, and consistently update, the app to help everyone involved in your travel programme — bookers, arrangers and travel managers. The result? Increased usage, traveller satisfaction, in-app bookings and approvals and features like Traveller Tracker to find travellers wherever they are.

Money matters — how you can find savings for your travel programme

Our global business travel platform can meet your specific business needs when it comes to travel spend, expenses and compliance.

From our extensive supply of exclusive, preferred hotel, air, car and rail rates — available to any of our customers across the globe — the Egencia Smart Mix technology surfaces the most relevant content so that you and your travellers can save time. Since we introduced Smart Mix in July 2019, we’ve seen the number of flights selected in the top 10 North American results increase by 13 percent. And the Egencia Savings Finder for air gives you access to a dedicated team that monitors flight costs to help you save money. From January 2019 until mid-July, our customers have saved an average of $145 per ticket in North America and an average of €595 in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

Read more about how our platform offers up-to-date reports, helps you streamline expense processing and lets you and your travellers easily book business travel from any device to help you save time and money.

A leader in corporate travel technology

The Egencia data science team is working with artificial intelligence (AI) teams across the Expedia Group to build AI into our platform. We’re doing this to create a travel experience that’s more personalised and predictive of your travellers’ needs and preferences.

We've developed a global business travel platform and we own all the technology across the entire business travel experience. This ensures comprehensive data capture which is a key step in helping us deliver preferred travel options for mobile and web users. And we know what we’re doing is working because we’ve seen a rise in bookings from the top travel options we deliver to travellers and travel arrangers. That’s the power of data science, AI and machine learning: We can give you what you want as your first choice.

We also update our business travel platform more than 150 times every month and we’ve updated our app at least 24 times in the last year. We’re constantly working with our customers to develop technology solutions for their business travel needs.

Our customers drive our innovation, which is why we’ve created features like the Egencia Analytics Studio, a data visualisation tool created specifically for business travel, an upgraded app that manages all travel functions, an industry first and an online air exchange that simplifies flight rebooking.

These are just a few reasons why you should expect more from your TMC. Fill out the form to speak with someone on our team to find out how you can get more from your TMC.

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