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Travel Management Case Study AMS

Making Business Travel Data Meaningful

Making business travel data meaningful at AMS

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Talent acquisition and management
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A global organization serving more than 100 blue-chip organisations, in over 90 countries, AMS helps companies and individuals fulfill their potential through talent acquisition and management.

Travelling for business has always been important to AMS, and it’s worked with Egencia since 2015 to support its staff across the world with user-friendly, business travel management, on and offline. Understanding it’s business travel is vital too, and reporting has played a significant part in its travel programme’s ongoing success.

From negotiating better hotel deals and directing resources to getting visibility of the company’s carbon footprint for travel, AMS has leveraged dynamic, visual reports from Egencia Analytics Studio to influence company decisions and achieve green goals.

Check out this blog to learn more about how Egencia Analytics Studio could help you negotiate corporate hotel and air rates.

Or find out how Egencia Analytics Studio could help you gain better insight into your carbon footprint with our CO2 workspace.


“We chose Egencia, back in 2015, one of the main reasons was the online platform and having a single global platform for all of our staff wherever they were based. 

So, the reporting for us has really helped to influence decisions about when we need to increase travel, decrease travel, [and] target certain areas or regions. It gives us the visibility to understand where we need to direct our resources, our budgets, and our staff to make sure that we’re going to the right places at the right time. But also, to make sure that we can leverage our buying power to say negotiate a better deal with a hotel or negotiate a better deal with an airline, for example.

The CO2 dashboard is brilliant for us; it gives us a visibility as to what’s our carbon impact and what’s the footprint that we have as a business. It helps us to understand that, and it helps us to then educate our travellers as well. We want to educate travellers as to what’s the impact of flying, long haul, business class, first-class or economy. What’s the impact of that from them as an individual as they think about their leisure travel as well, and to think about how they target that. We’ve all got to play our part in the fight against climate change and to reduce our carbon footprint, and the dashboard gives us actual data that we can then use to influence and change behaviors.”


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