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The secret of skyrocketing compliance, adoption and satisfaction in business travel

Posted: 11 September 2018
Topics: Blog
Most travel management companies design their mobile app with only the traveller in mind; often ignoring the needs of approvers, arrangers and travel managers. Egencia recently released new mobile app features targeted at those users, setting you up to better manage your travel programme. Thinking like one of your business travellers facing an emergency, would you wait to be in a decent place with WiFi to switch on your computer and book your hotel? Or wait for your boss to approve your trip? Or expect your assistant to wake up in the middle of the night to help you? No! You’d most likely Google your request and book whatever comes up first. These situations occur every day, compromising key metrics like adoption or compliance. Thus, whatever the reasons why you decided to partner with a travel management company (visibility on travel spend, duty of care, etc.), you’re less likely to achieve your goals if your users cannot access the solution when they need it. Learn more watching Marion Peter’s (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Egencia) intervention at the GBTA convention in San Diego.

What do your business travellers expect from a mobile app?

Business travellers know that unexpected events are part of the job; urgent meetings, strikes and climatic events are only some of the potential challenges they face during their journey. They want to feel safe and avoid the headache of looking for information. The power of the unique Egencia business travel platform is to provide our users with the most comprehensive and relevant content, in any way and anywhere they want:
  • Customer service only one tap away: users can reach a travel consultant and request help from the app at any time.
  • Seamless booking experience: even at the last minute, users can book their next trip on the app while making sure they respect policy (approval supported, “out of policy” flag). Thrifty travellers can also gain access to mobile-only hotel rates.
  • A single source of truth: whether made through a travel consultant, on desktop or mobile, all bookings are in one place. Accessible via their profile, users can book within the same travel policy and access the same inventory wherever, whenever and from any device.
  • Timely and relevant information: whether their train is cancelled, their gate changed or their boarding started, your travellers will receive real-time notifications. The app also displays all traveller messages you've configured on the website and will show them with ground transportation options to get travellers to their destination.
Share the good news with your travellers and make sure they get the Egencia app: they can now enjoy a friendly and personalised experience whenever they interact with us and this will help you control leakage of booking.

Have you ever thought of all other stakeholders involved in a business trip?

Like Batman relies on Robin, your travellers need their arrangers, approvers and even you, their Travel Manager. Don’t you all deserve some flexibility to get your job done without staying glued to your computer? Depending on your organisation and travel policy, you may have set up an approval process or have arrangers booking for others. Approvers and arrangers can now save time and become even more efficient for their travellers. The Egencia mobile app now offers exclusive features for travel arrangers, and supports their approval process. What about you? Watching the news can be scary for a travel manager and no event will wait for you to be at the office to occur. The time has come for you to relax and tell your executive that duty of care is under control at any time. You can now access the Traveller Tracker from the mobile app to know your travellers’ whereabouts, check how many of them are affected and make sure they are safe.
The Egencia app makes everyone’s journey easier. Download the app and make sure your travellers get it too. You’ll see the difference when business travel begins with you.