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Corporate Travel Management Company Solutions, Business Traveller Satisfaction

Traveler Satisfaction
Traveler Satisfaction

A travel management company that’s easier for everyone

On the road or in the sky, business travel is easier with Egencia.

Do business everywhere. Leave the getting there to us.

Give your business travellers the treatment they deserve. Business travel should feel personal, natural and easy for them and deliver a convenient way to manage travel and increase savings and compliance for you. Achieve this with the right travel management company (TMC) for your business or corporate needs.

  • Save time with a simple, easy-to-use booking tool where traveller data is synchronised across every device.
  • Reduce costs with access to exclusive rates and a personalised experience that’s optimised for your travellers.
  • Make travel even easier by adding Egencia Advantage: A one-stop shop for insurance, parking, visas and more.

Why travel culture matters

Travel Management Company Helps Business Travelers

Make business travel stress-free with Egencia

Travel is dynamic so Egencia’s travel platform accommodates users for every device and stays up-to-date for all urgent local and travel changes. Making your travellers’ experience truly seamless.

With your travellers every step of the way

Make your travellers happy and your corporate travel programmes more successful. Egencia delivers ease, innovation and savings via our business travel programme.

  • Easily book and manage business travel on any device — desktop, mobile or over the phone.
  • With the mobile app, travellers can book hotels, trips and car hire, check itineraries, get real-time updates and navigate the city.
  • Help is always at hand with AssistMe — an easy, click-to-call feature where the travel consultant sees travellers’ profiles, itineraries and company policies.

Keeping travellers connected

Corporate Travel Program Travel Options

Empowered employees are happy travellers

70% of travellers say they enjoy business travel. Find out how you can increase compliance, traveller satisfaction and more.

Travel Management Company Traveler Support

Knowledgeable traveller support

When travelling, things happen. We’re here as a travel management company to make sure that it fits your travel policy and doesn’t disrupt your business.

  • One number, from anywhere in the world, to get the help you need.
  • Native language support for travellers to reach business travel consultants they can really connect with.
  • Add on Expert Care for road warriors with executive business traveller services, including traveller safety and travel risk management.

Business traveller solutions

Travel happy. Amex GBT Egencia helps make travel easier and gets nearly 2 million business travellers where they need to be.


Fast-moving travel solutions for fast-growing companies

You need a travel management company that can keep pace with your business travel needs. Discover how you can do more than save on travel spend and realise the full value your travel programme can deliver.

Want a travel programme that makes your travellers happy? We can help.