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Corporate Travel Risk Management Programme & Duty Of Care

Traveller Risk Management
Traveller Risk Management

Travel risk management

Put your business travellers first with a robust strategy to help you mitigate and manage risk.

Ensuring Traveller Security

Put duty of care front and centre

Business travel can be unpredictable. The well-being and security of your people shouldn’t be.

If a natural disaster happens or travel security issues arise, knowing about the problem and getting in touch with your travellers is paramount.

Duty of care falls on travel managers’ shoulders. With the right travel risk management programme in place, you can ensure that the welfare of your employees — from the time they book a trip until they return home — is a significant part of your travel policy. Let us help you protect your business’ biggest investment and most valuable asset.

We can help you to make sure your travellers don’t feel vulnerable and make managing risk simple with our effective travel risk management solutions.

Why you should do a travel risk assessment


Build a travel programme that works for you

COVID-19 has impacted businesses and travellers across the globe. Because of this, now could be the time to optimise your
travel management programme. One way to do this is to examine your options when it comes to negotiating with suppliers.

Travel risk management solutions



An up-to-date global map of high-risk situations that could impact travel.


Build a travel risk management policy to prevent travel to high-risk destinations.


Quickly locate your business travellers with the Egencia Traveller Tracker.


Keep your travellers safe and up to speed with alerts.

Know where your business travellers are

Wherever your travellers may be, our Traveller Tracker lets you monitor specific regions across the globe. In no time, you can generate a report on travellers’ booking details and get up-to-date information on flight updates or new trip bookings.

Take a proactive approach to travel risk management with Traveller Tracker


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