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11 things you need to know about prepaid hotel bookings

11 things you need to know about hotel bookings with Amex GBT Egencia

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Posted: 25 June 2018Updated: 13 March 2024
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This article originally appeared in 2021 as “11 great things you need to know about booking your hotel with Egencia”. It has been updated to better reflect our current offerings and an evolving travel landscape.

Going on a business trip but yet to book your hotel? Instead of leaving it to the last minute, book your stay with us instead. Not only do we pride ourselves for helping our customers save time and money when booking business travel, we can also take your business trip experience to another level. Read on to find out the eleven things that make us stand out.

  1. The Egencia mobile app

    Save business travel for business and let us handle the rest. Our Egencia app standout features keep your itinerary up to date, so you can stay informed throughout your travel journey.

    • Store your corporate or personal credit card or debit card details and have access to multiple payment options on hand.
    • Easily reference relevant cancellation policies and monitor additional fees or incidentals that arise without losing your current loyalty or programme perks.
    • Cancellations or changes remember your form of payment and adhere to company-wide refund policies based on supplier availability.

  1. Earn loyalty points

    Receive rewards for your loyalty and make hotel check-ins work for you. When you add your loyalty programmes to your Egencia profile, not only can you earn loyalty points but you can do so while securing competitive hotel rates too. You can add your loyalty programme to your hotel reservation at the time of booking or throughout your itinerary.

  2. Advanced purchase, advanced choices

    We know how advantageous networking during a business trip can be. That’s why we make it easy to view your colleague’s preferred hotel bookings. So if you want to join them for dinner, or even want some quiet time, the choice to lay low or socialise is yours.

  3. Location, location, location

    Sometimes being close to the office is the most important part of planning your trip. With Egencia’s booking map, you can view your office’s location and book a hotel stay close by, so you can hit snooze and still be on time for a meeting.

  4. Avoid the crowd (unless you’re part of it)

    Exciting things are happening all over the world, at any given time, but when you’re taking a business trip you may want to avoid some of the crowds and high hotel prices that go along with that excitement. Egencia’s booking map helps filter high prices that are out of policy so you’re booked at a great location without being overcrowded.

  5. Less searching, more finding

    Finding your hotel shouldn’t be about searching, it should be about finding. We make finding your ideal hotel room easy with the option to sort or filter by name, brand, price, distance from the office, travel ratings, and even available amenities.

  6. Relevant reviews

    Does every hotel have what business travellers need? Not everyone has time to scroll through a long FAQ for the answers. See real reviews from corporate travellers and get the right room for you.

  7. Fast favourites

    Can’t remember the name of the great hotel you stayed in last time you were in Los Angeles, Paris or London? No problem! If you’ve already booked your flight and want to add a hotel, we’ll remind you of the last one you booked for the same destination.

  8. Say “goodbye” to receipts with pre-paid hotel bookings*

    Skip the expense report: With hotel prepayment, your receipt is in your inbox and app. So you can save time on expenses and do something else, like enjoy some local cuisine. Many hotels offer discounted rates for prepayment too – another way to stay in policy and on budget.

  9. Getting around gets easier

    You could be fluent in six different languages, but business can take you all over the world. The Egencia app provides upfront ground transport options to get you where you want to be, with no foreign languages necessary.

  10. Last-minute check-ins

    Your flight home has been cancelled and you need a place to stay. Get an in-policy hotel room for the night – with a fast last-minute booking process and great mobile-only discounts in the Egencia app.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself how easy hotel prepaid bookings are with Egencia.

Looking for more insights or trends? Check out the Amex GBT Hotel Monitor for a deep dive!

* Prepaid hotels are available depending on your company’s hotel programme

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