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7 Steps To Build An Effective Corporate Travel Policy

7 Steps to build an effective corporate travel policy

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Posted: 17 November 2020
Effective Corporate Travel Policy

A formal corporate travel policy is the foundational building block for your business travel programme. Historically, corporate travel policies have primarily been used to manage costs and control the travel budget. Today, however, corporate travel policy also plays a vital role in mitigating risk and supporting traveller wellbeing.

We’ve built a comprehensive guide to help you craft a foundational corporate travel policy, to serve you through this current crisis and beyond.

Download the guide giving you 7 steps to build an effective corporate travel policy:

  • Mapping your policy goals with your company culture to make sure the guidelines and restrictions you’re setting are meeting the right needs
  • Creating policy awareness that starts with company-wide communication — but doesn’t end there
  • Driving adoption and policy compliance through a superior booking experience
  • Adjusting policy to the right level of flexibility and control for flight, hotel, rail and car
  • Identifying trip approval requirements to mitigate risk and optimise visibility
  • Optimising your travel programme for continuous improvement
  • Checklist for mitigating traveller risk pre-trip
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