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Ted Baker Customer Story

Ted Baker Customer Story

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Posted: 05 February 2017
Topics: Case studies

Customer We talked to the travel director of one of the UK’s most iconic fashion brands, Ted Baker, about the business’s recent expansion into the North American marketplace, and how their partnership with Egencia has expanded as a result. Challenge After working successfully with Egencia since 2006, Ted Baker was looking for global consistency in their travel programme for the expansion to the North American market. Complex bookings with multiple destinations and a busy support team meant they also needed a reliable online and offline booking service to save valuable time and find the most efficient options for their travel. Solution Egencia addressed Ted Baker’s specific business needs to create a successful travel management programme and service for the expansion to the North American market:

  • Facilitated account management support and reporting data to negotiate discounts on preferred flight destinations
  • Accomplished cost and time savings with complex bookings through a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team
  • Provided an efficient, easy-to-use online booking tool to accomodate for simpler hotel, air or rail bookings

The expansion to the North American market has been a success and Ted Baker and their Egencia Account Manager are now working on rolling their travel programme out to China.

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