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Boosting Business Traveller Satisfaction At Multinational Zeb


VIDEO: Achieving global traveller satisfaction at Zeb

2 min

Multinational consultancy firm Zeb improves the performance and strength of their client base through strategy, sales, organisation, and corporate management expertise.  

Recognising that traveller satisfaction leads to a higher quality of work and increased loyalty, Zeb empowers their business travellers to make their own travel decisions based on personal comfort and convenience. 

Watch the video to find out how the Egencia global platform helps improve and unify the booking and traveling experience at Zeb.

Ready to unify the booking experience and delight your travellers? Talk to us today.  

Video transcript

“We chose Egencia because they offered us the most modern approach to online bookings, online travel. They have an extremely good database, where we can control our travel expenses and they are available in any country we operate in, so we have like a seamless integration into our travel program with few touchpoints basically.  

We believe in our companies in flat hierarchies and that our employees can make their own decisions while they’re traveling and therefore, we don’t control them too much — we just trust their own judgment on travelling. They’re spending a lot of nights in hotels, they need to feel comfortable, so, they have to have a good feeling about — and don’t ask themselves: Well, why do I stay in this hotel? Do I even have the right job here?  

We have our own surveys we’re doing with the traveller; we’re sending out and ask them how satisfied they are with their products, with our purchasings at the hotels and things, and the services they would like to have on top of what we already arranged or what needs to be changed. 

Traveller satisfaction has a big impact on the quality of the work in our company. We wanted to have a travel company that can provide [for] the traveller no matter where they are, in which country they work or where they’re employed. To use the same tools, online tools, app tools, to have a complete digital experience and it’s not so easy to find that.  

We have an end-to-end process which is the same in every country we’re using, so even when we have multinational teams, they all use the same tool, they all have the same experience, so it’s the same for everybody and it’s a great thing.” 

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