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Are You Spending Too Much On Business Travel?

Your essential checklist for business travel savings

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Posted: 03 September 2020

As many organisations prepare their business travel programs for the post COVID-19 environment, controlling spend and risk management are the top priorities. Reporting features and actionable technology around traveller safety and spend are more crucial than ever, and businesses must rely on tangible savings and a solid ROI from their travel management providers to help support business continuity and generate results.

"Here’s the brilliant thing about Egencia and the return on investment we get — the fee structure is low and what we make up in unused ticket management pays for it."

JJ Giachetti, corporate travel manager, Umpqua Bank.

Effective spend management also means your business can achieve more, for less. In 2019, the Egencia Savings Finder for Air feature helped businesses save an average of 14 percent per air ticket* globally, while Egencia Savings Finder for Hotel helped businesses save an average of 7 percent per hotel booking.**

Managed business travel can differentiate and add value to your organisation. In a report from Business Review Analytic Services, in association with Egencia:

  • 47 percent of business leaders said they had seen a significant increase in profitability as a result of their approach to business travel
  • 50 percent said their organisation’s customer retention had improved
  • 51 percent said they had maintained control over expenses and reduced costs for the last year because of a strong travel culture

Efficiently managed corporate travel delivers both a return on investment and tangible savings. From supply and booking to compliance and reporting, there are several levers you should be pulling to support savings in your business travel programme.

Download the essential checklist for business travel savings and discover how your organisation could be saving on business travel.

*Figures for 2019 financial year for opted-in Egencia customers
**Figures between 26/11/2019- 06/03/2020 for opted-in Egencia customers

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